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The RSHHGG Lab is an interactive online index of over 90 years of the Revue de la Société Haïtienne d’Histoire, de Géographie et de Géologie, the official publication of Haiti’s oldest intellectual society that is still active today. By indexing the contents of the journal, the site aims to increase the impact of this important publication by facilitating the work of scholars of Haiti in the US, Haiti, and beyond. It is our sincere hope that this effort will foster collaboration and new partnerships by connecting scholars of Haiti from all levels and locales.

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The more articles we have annotated and tagged, the better the search functionality will be! If you are interested in participating please see our Call for Collaborators/Appel à collaboration/Apèl pou kolaborasyon. Please be sure to check out the bios of our team of collaborators, too!

Why a “lab”? The project title gestures to the role of collaboration, experimentation, and sharing in the Labs project at The RSHHGG index will feature annotations from Haitian and non-Haitian scholars and researchers, while the data itself will be made available for further experimentation. “Lab” also because of the specific format of the Society’s publication, the revue: a space of exchange, confrontation, creation, and shared interests for scholars and researchers of Haiti.