–> Data visualization: Number of articles per year in the Revue de la Société haïtienne d’histoire, de géographie et de géologie, 1925–2016 (created by Laura Wrubel)

–> Locally-produced Caribbean periodicals: a crowd-sourced list

One of the main goals behind the RSHHGG Lab project was to draw attention to an underutilized source of Caribbean knowledge production and increase the impact of this resource.

The gaps in North Atlantic research and citational practices that the Lab seeks to address are not specific to Haiti. Scholarly and cultural knowledge from the Caribbean–and the Global South more broadly–sits in the pages of unindexed periodicals. This is especially true for the early- to mid-20th century period, when periodicals were the privileged space for locally-produced scholarship.

Link here to see and contribute to a list of locally-produced Caribbean periodicals.

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